The darkness is just an illusion, Sofia Cruz Rocha, 2019.

The darkness is just an illusion, Sofia Cruz Rocha, 2019.


TYPE Group Show
CURATOR Maria Chiara Wang, Oscarito Sanchez
DATE 28 Jun 2019 – 21 Jul 2019
Galleria Faro di Arte, Ravena, Italy


Sofia Cruz Rocha
Oscar Cueto
Manuela Picallo Gil
Laura Rambelli
Vale Palmi

Galleria Faro Arte is pleased to present Trasformazione, a group exhibition with works by Sofia Cruz Rocha, Oscar Cueto, Manuela Picallo Gil, Vale Palmi and Laura Rambelli, curated by Oscarito Sanchez and Maria Chiara Wang. The proposed theme starts from a dynamic ontological vision. Divenire, or the endless flow (Panta Rhei) intended as a perpetual, absolute and substantial change, is the eraclithean principle at the base of the works of the five Italian and Mexican artists. The exhibition is configured as a dialogue on change. On the one hand, the transformation of the Form par excellence - that is, the passage from Life to Death - is treated with the aim of overcoming the anxieties and fears commonly linked to the world of the deceased and to the concepts of the End and the Nothing; on the other hand, an investigation into personal evolution and the collective imagination is developed. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly. With this aphorism, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tze has annulled the concept of a 'definitive end' linked to death, conceiving the latter as a fundamental and inevitable step for the subsequent transformation, as an intermediate stage, as a bridge for renewal. From this point of view, Vale Palmi and Laura Rambelli intend to induce the viewer, with their art, to change their perspective on a theme usually approached with distrust and fear. Sofia Cruz, Oscar Cueto and Manuela Picallo Gil, on the other hand, extend the concept of transformation to different areas of contemporary culture. In this way, the themes relating to the combination of darkness and light, personal and collective identity, and sexual roles are explored in depth.