Exhibition view. “Afecciones-a house as a walkable installation”, 2014. Intervention to the space with a painting. Photo credit: Cristina Fragoso.

Sofia Cruz Rocha | Afecciones, a house as a walkable installation

TYPE solo show
SUPPORTED by FONCA medios alternativos
DATE 2013-2014 exhibited: 28 August
Mexico City

On the night of Thursday, August 28, 2014, the doors of a house habited by the artist family in Mexico City were opened to the public to be visited in its entire interior, as a walkable installation.

Sofia Cruz Rocha made a series of interventions to the spaces and objects contained at her parents place. The house was intervened by 3 videos, 10 paintings of different formats and the classification of around 3.000 objects. The interventions turned into a “museography of the ordinary”.

"Afecciones- a house as a walkable installation" incited the viewer to explore the interior of a house through contemplation. -An endless number of surprises wait those who really look at the world.- Text by the artist.