Glaube, 2019. Exhibited at “Sobrevivire” group show curated by Oscar Sanchez, 12-14 Contemporary.


TYPE group show
CURATOR Oscar Sánchez
DATE 06 Sep 2018 – 29 Sep 2018
12-14 Contemporary, Vienna


Francis Alys, Jorge de León, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Agustin Sanchez, Julien Devaux, Maximiliano Leon, Marlene Lahmer, Manuela Picallo Gil, Roberta Palla, Michael Pöllinger

"To Survive" Curated by Oscar Sanchez, is a presentation of Latino America and European artists and their interpretation of their survival battles in Mexico City.

Once Francis Alÿs mapped the city, for a better understanding or kind of dissecting a new area. Sanchez asked artists like Francis Alÿs, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Julien Devaux, Jorge de Leon, Manuela Picallo Gil, Michael Pöllinger and Maximilian Leon for their representation of the actual situation as well as a visualization of their daily struggles. The match of well known artists and up coming ones offers a wide range not only in the interpretation issue, also a substantiated impression of their current status as well as about their suffering. Mexico City and Guatemala City are torn between culture and narc business, between corruption and poverty.