Encuentros, 2013, Sofia Cruz Rocha. Exhibited at "Para no salir del laberinto”, a group show curated by Julio Garcia Murillo and Luis Mosquera.

Para no salir del laberinto

TYPE group show
CURATORS Julio Garcia Murillo and Luis Mosquera
DATE 09 May - 30 May 2013
Lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia


Sofia Cruz Rocha
Laura Snyder
Carolina Magis Weinberg
Tomas Moreno
Rosario Cobo
Aranzazu Pola

From the 9 of may is presented in the group exhibition "Para no salir del laberinto". A production and research project, artistic and curatorial, which explores through the work of six artists specific cases of architecture and urbanism. The works and processes gathered in this exhibition move in a field that criticises modern and contemporary architectural constructions from a perspective that instead of delivering a serious study and finish, look critically notions such as utility and purpose, photography and architecture, the desert and the labyrinths, the power of walls, imaginary cities, their cartographies and new technologies, the chance and literature, current real, immobile current crisis and their poetic possibilities. Against the goals of architecture the labyrinth is evoked. The phrase that gives title to the show is presented as a tautology: the end of the labyrinth is repeated until fatigue. If the goal of the labyrinth is to lose, and the goal to who is lost is go out of it, to confirm the labyrinth and his capacity of to loss as a allegory to stay in it, to assume that possibly the outputs of the speeches that founded the modern and contemporary architecture are not surmountable or purchasable as cement, coal or volcanic rock. And from that impossibility find other impossible. The exhibition presents works by Rosario Cobo (Santiago de Chile), Sofia Cruz Rocha (Mexico City), Carolina Magis Weinberg (Mexico City), Tomas Moreno (San Antonio, USA), Aranzazu Pola (Santiago de Chile) and Laura Snyder
(Charlottesville, USA). Study and discussion sessions will also take place between artists and collectives and universities in Cali. A film series designed by Regina Tattersfield (Mexico City) is presented and a publication edited by Wild Evil and The Company of Dogs (Mexico City / Bogotá, 2011) is prepared. Curated by Julio García Murillo (Mexico City) and Luis Mosquera (Puerto Asis, Colombia).