Mecánica vegetal invitation. Photo credit: Karla Niño de Rivera.

Mecánica vegetal

TYPE group show
DATE 23 Aug 2018 – 27 Oct 2018


Ana Roldán, Marco Rountree, Ivan Krasoievitch, Allan Villavicencio, Mauricio Alejo, Victoire Barbot, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Enzo Mianes, Yeni Mao, Alejandro Garcia Contreras, Leo Marz, Noémie Vulpian, Bruno Gruppalli, Rodrigue Mouchez, Valentina Jager, Gwladys Alonzo, Circe Irasema, Alma Saladin, Federico Gutierrez Schott, Jose Aramburo, Alberto López Corcuera, Chavis Marmol, Jay Alfonso Vélez, Abraham González Pacheco, Héctor Jiménez Castillo, Alan Sierra, Senta Achée, Evan Galbicka, Eduardo Castellanos, Israel Quero.

Mecanica vegetal, an exhibition in a continuous process: the project is marked by different activations and is established in three places. With the first part in the parking lot of an old print shop of Tacubaya, Martires de la Conquista 20. Between organic industrial and futuristic archaeology, the exhibition proposes a walk in a cement forest. Roots of a garden with contradictory forms, a park of sculptures is transformed into a concrete aquarium, with screaming and emaciated colors, following in the footsteps of the automotive ghosts. Precarious ecology in the ruins of capitalism here and there grows a seed, a texture flows from the roof, the materials interact˙an in opaque darkness, until disappearance.