“This is the garden of Eden”, Sofia Cruz Rocha. Exhibited at The value of life, a group show curated by Ursula Maria Probst and Martin Wagner.

The value of life

TYPE group show
CURATORS Ursula Maria Probst and Martin Wagner
DATE 02 Oct - 24 Oct 2015
FLUC, Vienna


Anna Jermolaewa, Barbara Kapusta, Lisl Ponger, Tatiana Lecomte, Julius Deutschbauer, Edgar Honetschläger, Bernhard Cella, Lazar Lyutakov, Hannes Zebedin, Salvatore Viviano, Markus Krottendorfer, Catrin Bolt, Ramesch Daha, Marcus Neustetter, Edith Payer,
Jakob Neulinger, Miriam Bajtala, Susanne Schuda, Matthias Klos, Ina Wudtke, Lena Rosa Händle, Viktoria Tremmel, Petja Dimitrova, Flora Watzal, Hansel Sato, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Corina Vetsch, Elvedin Klacar, Gerald Straub, Udo Bohnenberger, Marina Gržinic, tat ort, Carlos Vasconcelos, Aina Šmid, Zhi Mo, Ihu Anyanwu, Lutz Bielefeldt, Susanne Scholl, kulturdrogerie.

On the question "THE VALUE OF LIFE - Our world we imagine different" we artists and cultural initiatives have invited each to make a billboard. Due to the appalling and our humanitarian attitude alarming recent events is this year's "theme of the exhibition: "THE VALUE OF LIFE - Our world we imagine otherwise! ". By taking action, we want to confront those apprehended in the title theming different valences of life in our contemporary world, as well as the fact that the interests of capital and political Lobbyismen stand above those of human rights and humanity. In the form of 2 m high Triangle stands the forecourt is East recorded at Praterstern station with artistic, cross-thinking statements on the current lives of all relevant socio-political and socio-cultural restructuring. We are indeed aware that, given the present situation, other initiatives are in demand yet, but we also realize our planned poster campaign, in order to set against these failings of political parties clear signals. We want, as already at the last two major elections (Wiener Landtag in 2010 and National 2013) also in this hot autumn not leave the poster Highness the various media strategists of political parties and a conscious sign of an artistic exploration and creation of the public and the media initiate poster.