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Exhibition view, Antropologia moderna, Guadalajara 90210.

Antropología moderna

TYPE group show
DATE 12 Nov 2018 – 13 Dic 2018
UDEM, Guadalajara90210, Mexico


Ramiro Ávila, Claudia Cisneros, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Rodolfo Díaz-Cervantes, Cristian Franco, Alejandro García Contreras, Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Abraham González Pacheco, Circe Irasema, Héctor Jiménez Castillo, Iván Krassoievitch, Alberto López Corcuera, Javier M. Rodríguez, Héctor Madera, Yeni Mao, Chavis Mármol, Enzo Mianès, Theo Michael, Rodrigue Mouchez, Marco Rountree, Alma Saladin, Federico Schott, Alan Sierra, Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, Pilar Villela.

Modern Anthropology is an exhibition that takes the form of the interior of a showcase. An anthropological display composed of objects for commercial use, of different nature, material, colour and shape: Announcement of poems, Mystic soap dispenser, Anthropomorphic air dancer, Pre-Hispanic ornament, Indistinct talk, Religious volcanic rock, Aluminium totems, Mountain postcard, Fashionable footwear, Right stuffed animal, Illuminated mirror, Sponge fabrics, Greek hats, Material incense, Counter geometry, Vampire tongue, Ornamental mosaics, Snail skin, Hand silk, Alcoholic mask, Egyptian food, Bestsellers, Eucalyptus tape, Flammable vessel, Sacred garments, Dissected pumpkins, Ceramic bricks, A dancing poetic installation.

guadalajara90210 is a project dedicated to contemporary art based in Guadalajara that, since 2017, has explored and expanded its exhibition formats linked in a particular way to space. His projects extend to places and actions as diverse as a psychoculturist performing his routines with marimba music, an explosion of popcorn made with balloons from the balcony to the street, a gigantic San Antonio with a pink neon, an imaginary reconstruction of the Paricutín volcano, interventions on rooftops, buildings under construction, public roads, parking lots or using a car and anything else it can contain, such as those selling fake perfumes in a corner of Mexico.